About Ordering

Ordering information

PYCC distributes biological material in the form of strains, DNA and biomass.

Purchase of yeast strain (prices excluding VAT):

Open PYCC Collection - 85 €

DNA samples of PYCC strains can be prepared and distributed on request.

Yeast biomass for batch inoculations or the extraction of fungal metabolites can be produced under controled environmental conditions.

These and other services can be provided and agreed separately between PYCC and customers.

Ordering Conditions

In order to request or purchase strains from the Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection you will have to register through our website.

You should then Search our database in order to find the desired strain(s), and add to the Cart.

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is required to be filled in and signed. Two signed copies have to be mailed to PYCC. After PYCC received the two signed MTA the strains will be send to the Customer.

After confirmation of the Customer's request an automated email message will be sent by the system confirming the order and that our Sales Department will be in touch with payment instructions.

Payment is requested after the customer receives the strain(s).

Delivery Conditions

PYCC cultures are supplied on the understanding that the customer will comply with the Conventional on Biological Diversity (http://cbd.int/convention/text/).

The requested strains shall be delivered as active cultures on solid media. Other delivery methods (e.g. cells on sterile filter paper) may be agreed upon between PYCC and the Customer. Shipments comply with international regulations concerning transport of biological material. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the relevant regulations for the species ordered.

PYCC assumes no liability for damage or injuries resulting from transportation. Transportation insurance may be arranged upon Customer's request and expense.

The Customer must agree to comply with the terms of the MTA, which must be filled in, signed and sent to PYCC by mail.

The fee paid by the Customer for the supply of the culture is not a charge for the culture itself, but a contribution to the costs of handling and maintenance.


The Customer receiving PYCC strains is responsible for their safe storage, maintenance, handling and use. Neither PYCC nor the host institution (FCT/UNL) can consider claims or accept responsibility for damages or injuries resulting from wrong use, storage, or loss of a PYCC culture. The identity of PYCC strains is verified according to internal operating standards; however, PYCC cannot be responsible for damages resulting from misidentification or from mishandling of strains by the Customer.