Supply of cultures for scientific purposes

Price per culture (yeasts, filamentous fungi and bacteria collections) – 85,00 € (discounts may apply)

Price per culture of Ilda Sanches Collection (clinical Streptococcus) – 110,00 €

Supply of cultures for commercial utilization

Please contact PYCC curators at

Deposit of cultures

Deposit of cultures in open collection – free of charge

Safe deposit of cultures including viability and purity check, preservation and the first year of maintenance – 280,00 €

Each further year of storage for safe-deposit – 90,00 €

Delivery of a sample of a safe-deposit culture – 70,00 €

Molecular identification

Molecular identification per culture including phylogenetic placement – 140,00 €

Isolation of microorganism including dilution, plating, counting and purification – 250,00 €

Genome sequence and analysis including phylogenetic placement – 400,00 €

Consulting and Teaching

PYCC provides consultancy and teaching services in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Please contact PYCC curators at for further details

Contract research

PYCC carries our research projects for companies in the fields of microbial ecology, microbial physiology, and microbial genomics among other. Please contact PYCC curators at for further details.